Love the bite-sized, organized, and consistent presentation of knowledge. This book will help anyone improve his or her content strategy.

– Guy Kawasaki, Founder of Alltop and author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book

This is not a book. It’s a bridge to experts, community, and a deck of cards. It’s a path to understanding core concepts from adaptive content to taxonomy and transclusion. It’s an invitation to a conversation that will explain and shape the language of content strategy. This is a book that will make a dent in the universe precisely because it’s not a book. So don’t be a joker. Cross the bridge, engage with the community, change the future.

– Peter Morville, Information Architect

The Language of Content Strategy fills a much-needed gap in the content strategy field. Without a formal institute or organization to guide their vocabulary, content strategists often find themselves talking at cross-purposes, even when talking about the same concept. This can cause disorganization and frustration among content professionals, and a lack of coherence in the field as a whole.

This book solves this problem. By tapping into the experts living and breathing content, Abel and Bailie have developed a comprehensive content strategy lexicon that expounds on many of the words and concepts one would encounter in the world of content. This is a go-to guide for navigating the depth of content strategy, and for creating a unified language for the field.

– Mark Fidelman, Forbes Columnist, CEO for Raynforest, Inc. and Managing Director, Evolve!

At last–a comprehensive collection of the many terms our profession grapples with every day. Succinct, informative and highly readable, this book distills the very essence of Content Strategy into language every business and customer will understand. If you’re a content professional, read it. If you work with content professionals, read it. If you rely on content in any way to help you achieve your business aims, read it. If, like me, you sometimes struggle to articulate to those outside, the discipline and complexity of what you do, read it twice. Then give a copy to everyone you know who needs to know about content.

–Lucie Hyde, Director, Global Content - eBay

Scott Abel and Rahel Bailie are some of the top content strategy experts in the world. Whether it's an email, webinar, training class, conference, or a book they produce, you should pay close attention. In this case, guard The Language of Content Strategy with your life to help you navigate through the messy business of thinking strategically about content marketing

– Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute and Author, Epic Content Marketing

Content strategy must be really strategic. It's not just about editorial calendars, corporate identity, the website or a user manual. Content strategy should be about defining target audiences and what content is needed to give them to win them (and keep them) as happy customers. This book is about getting clarity on the important concepts which make up a content strategy, and how to go about executing on it.

– Andrew Bredenkamp, Acrolinx 

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